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You Would Make A Great Zoologist!
You love all creatures big and small and your compassionate nature means that you are happy to spend your time working amongst the animals, aiming to improve their welfare. These traits are why you’d make a fantastic Zoologist.

Zoologists are scientists who study animals and their behaviour. They work towards developing a world that better cares for animals whether that involves developing and testing new drugs, conserving endangered habitats and species or improving agriculture. You’ll find zoologists studying animals in their natural environment or in captivity or carrying out field and laboratory research. Studying Zoology would help you fulfil your desire to help the animals and make the world a better place.
Fields you could specialise in:
Wildlife Biology
Areas a zoologist might work in:
Laboratory research
Animal Welfare & Education

Famous Zoologists you may have heard of...
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
 Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin
 Dian Fossey
Dian Fossey
 Alfred Kinsey
Alfred Kinsey
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