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You Would Make A Great Physicist!
You are analytical and thoughtful, and you’re always keen to know why things work the way they do. You enjoy finding out new things, and you love the idea of using state-of-the-art scientific equipment to unlock the secrets of the universe. This makes you a great candidate for a career in physics.

Physicists study the laws that hold our world together. They strive to answer the really big questions about life, the universe and everything – questions like ‘what is gravity?’ and ‘where did the universe come from?’ Physicists usually work in research labs, although there are numerous exceptions.

A career in physics is rewarding because you’re expanding human knowledge and helping to forge the future of our world.
Fields you could specialise in:
Nuclear Physics
Quantum physics
Medical Physics
Areas a physicist might work in:

Famous Physicists you may have heard of...
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
 Marie Curie
Marie Curie
 Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking
 Lise Meitner
Lise Meitner
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