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You Would Make A Great Geologist!
You naturally have an analytic mind and love of the great outdoors, making you well suited to become a talented Geologist. You are an adventurous person and want to understand how the world around you works. This encourages you to look into the past and the future to figure out how life on the planet came to be.

Geologists are scientists who study the Earth's structure and formation, and analyse rocks to explore its natural mineral and energy resources. Geologists will spend their time doing a range of research such as seismic surveying, electromagnetic measurement or searching for energy resources.

Working as a geologist allows you to explore our planet and learn how to understand how it functions. Geology helps figure out how to improve conditions for those living in earthquake zones or assessing whether sites are suitable for engineering or water supply projects.
Fields you could specialise in:
Environmental Geology
Energy Resources
Mining & Extraction
Areas geologists might go into:
Minerals surveying

Famous Geologists you may have heard of...
J. J. Stevenson
J. J. Stevenson
 J. Ross Mackay
J. Ross Mackay
 Anthony Hallam
Anthony Hallam
 James Hutton
James Hutton
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