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You Would Make A Great Ecologist!
Your patient nature combined with your interest in the world and all things living in it make you perfectly suited to a career in Ecology. You are fascinated by both humans and animals and how we all have affected the environment we live in. Ultimately, you would love to figure out how the impact we have on the world can be improved.

Ecologists are scientists who study the relationship between plants, animals and the environment. They can spend large amounts of their time in marine or coastal areas researching the changing environments. Ecologists will also have an interest in how human activity impacts the environment for plants and animals and how we can work towards improving the damage done.

Studying Ecology would help you achieve your desire to help humans, animals and plants and improve the future of the world we live on.
Fields you could specialise in:
Environmental Science
Aquatic Ecology
Areas an ecologist might work in:
Laboratory Research
Environmental Research
Animal Science

Famous Ecologists you may have heard of...
Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson
 Edward J. Laurent
Edward J. Laurent
 Barry Bishop
Barry Bishop
 Alexander von Humboldt
Alexander von Humboldt
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